Barnes and Noble Lego sale 25% off select Lego sets 39.99 or more ends Feb 26

I saw this deal and I reserved few legos to pick up from my local B&N Store. Why Store, not online? From Local B&N store, you get extra 10% off from you BN Membership(I think it is $25 per year).

I bought 3 LEGO Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine Building Kit at $44.96 each, I got BN $100 Gift card 15% off from ebay few month back, so $44.96 – 15% – 10% + 6% tax which I think it is a good deal. Set will not retire any time soon but it is small enough to stack somewhere for 2-3 years.

From What I learn last several month, here is how to buy(at least this is what I am doing) – Search lego sets on sale(Usually 30%) and if you think set will be in great demand after retire, reserve your set(s) at local BN to get extra 10% discount. Also, I usually buy gift card at discount(11%-20%) for extra saving. Yes, you have to hold that gift card until you found Lego sets in your investment criteria.

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